Learn how to program in Swift by creating a new app in each of our courses.

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What Is Strawberry Swift?

We teach people how to create iPhone apps in the iOS programming language, Swift. You will learn how to make apps using our online tutorials, video lectures, and direct email support. Our courses are easy to understand and created with the beginner in mind.

What You Get From Strawberry Swift

  • Detailed courses teaching you how to make iPhone apps in Swift!
  • A fully-functioning app, that you created, living on your phone.
  • Direct email support from your instructor. Ask questions whenever you get stuck!
  • Step-by-step, written tutorials taking you from 0 to finish line.
  • Supplemental audio/video material to support the written materials.
  • An understanding of the basics of Swift progamming.
  • Familiarity with advanced topics without getting discouraged.

Introducing Our First Course:
The Fortune Cookie App

This course will teach you how to make a fun Fortune Cookie app that reveals random fortunes to your users.

The amount of iOS programming knowledge you will absorb through this single class will be surprising and gratifying! This is where we put concepts into practice by creating an actual app using true tools of the trade, like Xcode.

This is what you will learn in this first course...

  • Animation
  • Xcode Basics
  • User interaction
  • Methods
  • Constants
  • Random number generation
  • Image manipulation
  • Auto-layout
  • All the basics such as: Arrays, Strings, Ints, and more!

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A Note from Your Teacher, Alan Scarpa

It’s time to learn how to program in Swift 3.0.

Are you tired of going through programming tutorials that have you do a “hello world” example, then teach you what a variable is, and then omits the things you care about?

I bet you want to learn to program so you can make apps.

That’s not only why I wanted to learn, but actually making apps is what did make me learn!

The traditional online programming course format is lackluster. Your hand is held while you are introduced to a vast range of topics. And by the end of it, you can’t make anything useful with that knowledge (and that’s assuming that the knowledge has even stuck with you).

I think in order to learn how to program, in order to be a programmer, you must make programs! You need to be creating apps and working on fun projects of your own. This is when what you're taught becomes what you’ve learned.

Several years ago, I became curious about how to program in the iOS ecosystem. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I had an app on the app store?” This single question led to quite a journey. First thing I did was go online and finish some free tutorials. They were interesting, but I felt that they were a little shallow. So next, I went to Barnes & Noble and bought every book that I could on iOS development in an attempt to find more depth. Admittedly, this was dense and boring. Next, I tried paid online courses. This was a slight improvement, but I was still going through the motions of practicing concepts and not really making full-fledged applications.

My turning point came when I decided I was going to create my own app, no matter what! It wasn’t going to be anything spectacular but it was going to be mine. The app was called, “Starfaller”. A simple game where you tap the stars to keep them bouncing in the air.

As I opened Xcode and prepared to start programming, I was struck with the thought, “SO…..what the hell do I do now?” I realized that everything that I was taught did not prepare me for making an actual app! This was a breakthrough moment. It forced me to Google, “How do I change the color of the background? How do I make a button actually do something? How do I use a navigation controller?”

And now, I was LEARNING! And by the end of it, I had uploaded my first game to the app store.

I was proud. I was inspired. I was a programmer!

This was my first step. Which led to my next step - a job at a consulting agency, which made apps for national brands like P&G, Saucony, and Bose.

And now I’m ready for this step - Strawberry Swift.

I want to use my experience and struggles as a beginner, to create courses that are fun and rewarding. I want to clear the hurdles and mow down the obstacles that slowed me at first, so you can have a clear path on your way to developing mobile applications. I want to teach you how to program in Swift by using the method that worked for me - building your own apps.

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